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A manufacturing industry of handicraft is a highly dynamic, sturdy and competitive in nature. In this world they have the need to lower the cost and increase the sales with the improved efficiency. With this the administration of the handicraft organization has the need to take the strategic decision for proper profit-making. ERP software is the one smart answer to solve all of these problems.

Mostly more than 50% of manufacturing industries are leading towards the ERP software and they are making the claims that they have been successful in making the increase in profit upto 6%. ERP software has all the facilities to serve in an handicraft industry - accounting and finance, payroll management, attendance management, Human resources, marketing and distribution etc.

A ERP software has the following benefits in managing the manufacturing handicraft industry -

  • achieving growth and profitability

  • reduce production chain and cost.

  • improve production process and quality

  • better customer services

  • on time delivery and shipment

  • fulfilling the customer requirements

  • automate sales and delivery process

  • deep control and monitoring on control management

In the initial, handicraft industries had to rely on the quickbook software and excel spreadsheets for the proper data management in which they had no proper data management including the problems of the scattering data and repetition but after the coming of LITEROM like software, the work is very smooth. Today‚Äôs LITEROM like software are totally customisable as per according to the customer requirements. Overall the future of ERP software is bright.  

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